Speedglas Welding Helmet VS Lincoln Electric Viking

written on Fri 20 May 2016 by

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 is the helmet of option for those wanting to update from their entry-level welding helmets. Here are the incentives to upgrade to this helmet. Since of the Superior Suspension system that it utilizes, it is comfortable to wear. It has a wider lens ideal for working on awkward angles. It is equipped with sensors that make auto-darkening changes easy to set-up for your benefit. There are a lot more advantages. However, one outstanding advantage is the three-year service warranty it has put the buyer's mind at ease about purchasing the product. Adverse talk about the product though is that it is much heavier. Some also find it tiresome to change the screws of the head gear making for a perfect fit.

You are in luck with the 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 if you are looking for a welding helmet best-suited for expert usage. This mask makes it simple for users to change to various kinds of methods in seconds! It is likewise extremely comfy to use. Here are the other advantages. It is extremely durable making it perfect for commercial purposes. Preserves you time. You do not have to toss this helmet up and down to examine your work because of its Automatic Darkening Feature. User-friendly. No rocket science associated with running the mask, as well as new welders and enthusiasts will discover it easy to use. The only drawback in purchasing the 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 is its rate, which it operates on lithium batteries versus solar power, which is the ideal source of energy for helmets.

If you are an enthusiast with not that huge of a budget plan to replacement, then the Miller 251292 Classic Series is the helmet for you. It could simply be the very best welding helmet in the business.

For less than two hundred dollars, you will get to own a helmet that has an auto-darkening function, solar-powered, and at the same time easy to utilize. The downside of this mask though is that it is not for commercial usage. The solar panel can not operate as well during nighttime so it must be fully charged all the time so that the batteries would not get drained out.

A great welding helmet for enthusiasts, the Rhino Large View Carbon Fiber RH01 is a fantastic, durable, and inexpensive option to the more industrial-type and expensive of the helmet. I say it is one of the most resilient entry-level welding helmet in the market today. Its other active functions include. Provides a broad view field. It is extremely easy-to-use. The settings of the helmet are easier to adjust. It has a larger space so if you need to use a bifocal lens or a respirator you can quickly discover a space for it while utilizing this helmet. The only downside of this product is that it is not ideal for overhead welding, and the headgear understands chills out quickly.

Close to this, it also has many additional catchy centers. The future generations Viking helmets allows hyper comfort with the leading notch optical clearness. Supplying a huge guarantee of three years, the masks are produced to deal with any important working environment.